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hi, friends!

if you’re in london & don’t have anything to do, you ought to come to my course’s exhibition!

the private view is tomorrow night, tuesday, from 6:00-8:30, & it’s open to the public! if you can’t make it tomorrow, the exhibition itself is on ‘til saturday, the 21st, at blackall studios near old street.

come, come, come! there’s loads of really neat work up, mine included!


Anonymous asked: Hello, I hope you don't mind me asking (and i'm sorry for bothering you if you can't remember) but I'm hoping that you can help me. I'm studying Photography atm (Year 12) and I'm quite fond of your 'on loneliness' self portraits that you did back in 2012, especially the post including your shoulder and another photograph of your face. I just wanted to know what type of lighting and settings you used in those photos within that one post? Sorry again for the hassle. :)

hiiii! i’m really bad at checking my messages on this blog, so i’m sorry if there’s been a massive delay in my responding to this.

aah, thank you! :-) most all of those self portraits were taken in my room at the student halls i was in last year with just my desk lamp &/or a reading lamp as light sources. for the one of my face, i had the desk lamp off to the side. for the one of my shoulder, iirc, i had it level with the camera & pointing toward me. that’s all i can remember, really, though! i’m sorry i couldn’t be more helpful!

good morning
february 2014

good morning is an on-going series of self-portraits taken directly after getting out of bed in the morning, documenting and recognising the importance of this small act as the first step toward making it through the rest of the day.

good morning
08:13, 04.02.2014

good morning is a series of self-portraits taken directly after i get out of bed each morning.  i’ve been having a tough time with life these past few weeks, & this project is a way for me to document the act of getting out of bed each morning as a personal victory & the first step toward making it through the rest of the day.  

hi, friend! please help! ›


hallo, i sure hope you’re well this evening/morning/afternoon! 

the project i’m working on right now is on the idea of comfort, & i’m interested in learning about what comfort as a concept means to different people.  if you’ve got the time, could you please help me out? it can be as long & nonsensical & rambly as you’d like, but essentially what i’d like to know is this:

  • what does the idea of comfort mean to you? physically or mentally or both!
  • what sorts of things make you comfortable? i.e. certain habits or behaviours or surroundings - anything, really!

if you’re able & willing, i’d really appreciate your help, either by messaging me (you’re more than welcome to remain anonymous!) or spreading this around.  i’m struggling with looking outside my own comfort zone (sick pun, tyler) and would really love to get some more input. 

thank you so much! :-) 

hi, kind human! if you’re able to help me with my project, i’d really appreciate it! 

stepney green, november 2013

georgy + chicken
hoxton, august 2013

columbia road
october 2013

hoxton, august 2013